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Upcycle Vintage Home Decor

Refreshed Furniture -Home Decor -Art-Gifts

Older furniture was made with pride and quality - that's why it's still around!  It may have some dings and scratches, but anything over 50 does - right?  It may not have the look to fit into today's home decorating styles, but often, a coat of paint and a change of hardware is all it takes to transform Grandma's hutch into today's coffee bar!

We take old, unloved pieces of furniture and give them new life with fresh paint and stunning accents.  We use Fusion Mineral Paint exclusively on our projects and became a retailer of the Fusion Mineral Paint line over five years ago. There are over 50 colors available and can be used on wood, metal, glass, fabric and more!  Let us help you choose a color and finish that's right for your next project.  

Want more inspiration, advice and to connect with other painters?  Follow Fusion Mineral's Facebook Page "Paint it Beautiful"  

Fusion Mineral Paint

Full line of Fusion Mineral Paint available in-store and online

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